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Friday the 13th The comic Book issue# 1

Friday the 13th The comic Book issue# 1

After Freddy vs. Jason. Friday, the 13th movies seem to be taking a break.

New Line Cinema really never knew which direction to move in when it came to Friday the 13th Movies F13 fans were patiently waiting for Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash, which never happened, Wildstorm comics made a few comic books, based on our beloved horror icons like Freddy Krueger Jason Voorhees and Leatherface FromTexas Chainsaw Massacre here is the Friday the 13th comic they made and it’s actually quite good. Jason closely resembles the same Jason we see in Freddy versus Jason. I certainly don’t think that many fans will accept these, comic books as Canon. But if your a Friday the 13th fan this is definitely worth reading.

Issue One: A beautiful young woman is found on the road leading to the mysterious Crystal Lake, covered in blood and rambling about a monster who slaughtered her group of friends. It’s a tale similar to other legends of the area, but as her story unfolds, it will be unlike anything anyone could have expected! This story of murder and atrocity goes much deeper than any one family.


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