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video games that you may not know that Freddy Krueger appeared in

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video games that you may not know that Freddy Krueger appeared in

After you get done reading the article, make sure to come back here and play the original Nightmare on Elm Street home video game for the NES.

Arrow Keys – Directional Buttons / Movement
Press “Z” Key – A button
Press “X” Key – B button
Space – Select
Enter – Start

To save your game: hover over the emulator screen and use the icons to save your progress.
Down arrow icon (save), Up arrow icon (load).

Here are a few video games that you may not know that Freddy Krueger appeared in. Every since Freddy Krueger arrived on the big screen on November 16th, 1984 in the very first A Nightmare on Elm Street film he was looked at as one of the top horror villains in the horror genre, and he still remains in that spot today. There’s almost no one that you will talk to that doesn’t know who Freddy Krueger is. With the popularity of horror video games, especially in the slasher genre’
With video games like Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight that have been highly successful, one can only imagine it’s just a matter of time before one of the most popular horror monsters of all time will have his own official video game, but if you’re impatient and you just can’t wait for that here are a few video games that Freddy Krueger was actually featured in. that you may not know about. that you can play right now.

Once Upon a Time in the 80s in the early 90s arcades used to be one of the most popular places on the planet, so of course Freddy Krueger, like many other big-time Motion Pictures at the time, would have his own pinball machine.

The very first video game we will look at that Freddy Krueger was featured in. is a nightmare on Elm Street for Nintendo’s console system: many reviewers claim it’s one of the worst games ever made for Nintendo, but me personally I’ve gone back and played it more than a few times and it can actually be really fun, especially to a fan of the franchise. I would add that it’s also one of the hardest games that I’ve played. So be prepared for frustration.

On The Commodore 64 pc A Nightmare on Elm Street PC Game Freddy Krueger was featured in the game for of the The Commodore 64 pc system, basically the same type of game, except now you see it from a top angle versus the Nintendo game we saw from a side-scrolling 2d version. And I must say I have looked all over for this game. It is a very hard game to find. And most people don’t even know that it exists.

Dream of Rage

Dream of Rage is a fan-made Nightmare on Elm Street game, it’s actually not bad for a fan-made game looks on the level of a professionally made video game. the gameplay is similar to the old school Double Dragon side-scrolling beat-em-up games and I do believe the game is Loosely based on Nightmare on Elm Street part 3 with updated 2D Graphics it is far superior to the original NES game you should definitely check it out I’ll leave a link to the YouTube channel where I found the game myself if you would like to give it a try . Find Download link here

Nightmare House

Nightmare House is another fan made game based on a Nightmare on Elm Street and it’s been on the Internet for years. It’s a basic point-and-click game that really sucks you in. The game is so much fun you can play it for hours and not even realize how much time has gone by, proof you don’t need fancy Graphics in order to make a great Freddy Krueger game this one remains among my favorites.

Family Guy Quest for Stuff

A Family Guy video game is probably the last place you would expect to see an appearance from Freddy But Freddy Krueger was a character you Had a chance of unlocking during the Ghostbusters: Quahog’s Halloween 2014 event. Once you repair the mausoleum, a 3-day counter is started. If you do not unlock him within the allotted time, he is gone forever.

Terrordrome The Game.

Long before Freddy Krueger made his appearance in Mortal Kombat there was a fan made game called Terrordrome, the game that featured some of the best horror characters of all time in a Mortal Kombat-like style fighting game that featured Freddy/Jason/Michael Myers/ Leatherface/ tall man/ Candyman/ Chucky/ Maniac Cop/ and many more. Very professional-looking game I do believe that the developer of the game was even threatened by Warner Brothers with a lawsuit because Freddy Krueger was featured in the game. and for a short while the game was canceled but then later the developer of the game decided to release it anyway you can download the game for free from the official terradome website the developer is also currently making a sequel to the game. Terrordrome: Rise of the Boogeyman (ver. 2.10.3) download links

Mortal Kombat 9

When you’re going to reboot one of the hottest game franchises of all time, whether it be a full remake or a soft reboot, you’re going to want recognizable characters to draw people in. Mortal Kombat 9 had a ton of special characters one that was exclusive to the PS3 was Kratos from the God of War series and of course they had Freddy Kruger as DLC on ps3/xbox360/pc this was really the first time we had ever seen Freddy Kruger in a full 3D version for a video game Mortal Kombat 9 Stayed right on the money with the character and Freddy’s fatalities are very creative but for some odd reason they decided to add an extra glove on Freddy’s Left Hand which never made much sense to me but He was definitely one of my favorite fighters to use.

Freddy vs Jason in Mortal Kombat

One of the main complaints whenever Jason Voorhees was announced as Mortal Kombat X as DLC, many horror fans wanted to see Freddy Krueger also return. How cool it would have been to have Freddy versus Jason in the official Mortal Kombat game. Well NetherRealm Studios. Wising up adding Freddy to the mobile version of Mortal Kombat X. me personally I would like to see the developers bring back the classic looks to these characters. If they appear in any future Mortal Kombat projects.

Dead By Daylight

The one game that is really helping the horror genre make a really big impact in the gaming world is dead by daylight and it has also drawn a lot of people back into the slasher genre.
The dead by daylight and Friday 13th games highly resemble each other with few differences.
Developers of Dead by Daylight knew that Friday the 13th would feature one of the most famous horror characters of all time in Jason Voorhees, so they had to up their game and started adding all kinds of slashers they have DLC packs from Nightmare on Elm Street to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Saw movie franchise.And even a Halloween pack featuring Michael Myers,what’s cool about Freddy Krueger DLC in dead by daylight it kind of gives us a glimpse of what an actual Freddy Krueger game might look like if made today.

Freddy Krueger

Well, that’s about it for me here if you know a game that Freddy Krueger appeared that I missed whether it be a AAA game or just a fan-made game please let me know in the comments sections, also remember to come back and enjoy the NES version of A Nightmare on Elm Street until the next time goodbye.

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